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  • Ravingly — Raving Rav ing (r[=a]v [i^]ng), a. Talking irrationally and wildly; as, a raving lunatic. {Rav ing*ly}, adv. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • ravingly — See raving. * * * …   Universalium

  • ravingly — reɪvɪŋlɪ adv. deliriously, frantically, in a crazy manner …   English contemporary dictionary

  • ravingly — adverb in a raving manner raving mad • Syn: ↑raving …   Useful english dictionary

  • raving — ravingly, adv. /ray ving/, adj. 1. talking wildly; delirious; frenzied: a raving maniac. 2. Informal. extraordinary or remarkable: a raving beauty. adv. 3. furiously or wildly: a remark that made me raving mad. n. 4. Usually, ravings. a.… …   Universalium

  • Doctor Faustus (Thomas Mann novel) — 1st English edition cover (Alfred A. Knopf) Doctor Faustus (in German, Doktor Faustus) is a German novel written by Thomas Mann, begun in 1943 and published in 1947 as Doktor Faustus. Das Leben des deutschen Tonsetzers Adrian Leverkühn, erzählt… …   Wikipedia

  • splendidly — Synonyms and related words: abundantly, acutely, amazingly, amply, aright, astonishingly, awesomely, brightly, brilliantly, capitally, conspicuously, copiously, dazzlingly, devastatingly, divinely, elaborately, elegantly, eminently, emphatically …   Moby Thesaurus

  • crazily — (Roget s IV) modif. Syn. furiously, irrationally, hastily, madly, rashly, witlessly, insanely, psychotically, maniacally, as though out of one s mind, ravingly, rabidly; see also violently 1 , 2 , wildly 1 …   English dictionary for students

  • deliriously — adv. dementedly, incoherently, ravingly, madly …   English contemporary dictionary

  • raving — n., adj., & adv. n. (usu. in pl.) wild or delirious talk. adj. delirious, frenzied. adj. & adv. colloq. as an intensive (a raving beauty; raving mad). Derivatives: ravingly adv …   Useful english dictionary

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